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Parent Booker costs just $64.95/month for an entire school (US schools) or £44.95/month (UK schools). But the return can easily exceed this modest investment.

Parent Directory option available for an additional $19.95/month (US), £14.95/month (UK).

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Why Invest in Parent Booker for Your School:

Parent Booker makes your school more successful...

Increases parent engagement & attendance at events, so events and activities raise more funds.

Push notifications & automated email reminders help ensure parents show up.

Save money, time spent printing & the environment - instead of using paper flyers with Parent Booker send out email blasts.

Track hours and create reports validating parent involvement.

Helps secure corporate donors by allowing the school to demonstrate how many hours that parents are putting in.

Makes the school more attractive to prospective parents.

Parents coordinating volunteers spend less time coordinating and more time doing volunteer activites.

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