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About Us

Parent Booker was created by a parent through the inspiration and ideas of fellow parents. Hopefully Parent Booker can make your life easier and your children's school more successful.

After noticing that many parents were spending countless hours publicizing volunteer duties and school events, often a tedious and thankless task with varying degrees of success, the need for Parent Booker was clear.

The vision for the system you see today came from the insight of many parents at a number of schools. A number of parents deserve credit for the contributions and support including: Dave, Linda and Noreen.

Richard Hall
Richard Hall is a father of two and IT professional. After starting out developing database systems at London Business School he crossed the pond from the UK in 1996 to work for an emerging web start-up, Netscape, where he ran the developer website - Netscape DevEdge Online. He went on to product manage the customized My Netscape website (a personalized site similar to My Yahoo or iGoogle).

He has spent many years working as a product manager for leading high tech companies including Autodesk and MobiTV.

Eric Falk
Creative Director
Eric Falk has designed websites for companies including Sony Pictures Entertainment, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon, Nokia, and Disney. His work has appeared in TV Commercials, video games, websites, CD ROM, print, and mobile apps.

When not busy "making things pretty", Eric enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys, drawing, painting and building models.



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