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School Branded Website

Gain trust from parents and students. Placing your school's banner front and center provides both promotion and credibility, reassuring parents that the site is legitimate. Parent Booker offers a neutral color palate, so your banner is sure to blend into the aesthetics of our design.

Personalized Opportunities

Conveniently document and track all of your school's volunteer opportunities in one place. When parents log in, they'll see a personalized list of school opportunities tailored to their children's classes, for which they can easily sign up with just one click.

Calendar View

Simplify your schedule. Recurring volunteer opportunities, such as classroom helpers, are displayed in a calendar grid. Color-coded slots quickly communicate to parents which spots are already filled by other volunteers and which still necessitate sign ups. Parents can view the last names of other parents who have already signed up, in the case that they need to switch times or days.

Calendar Integration

Incorporate your calendars into your mobile life. With a single click, parents can drop their entire Parent Booker volunteer schedule, as well as their school's calendar, into Outlook or Apple iCal, facilitating schedule sharing and easy accessibility.

Targeted Email Blasts

Send out relevant email blasts, branded with your school's customized banner, to parents with children in specific classes or parents in specific groups (e.g. parishioners, auction committee members...). Parents can easily set a preference to opt out of notifications.

Google Docs Integration

Bolster parents' knowledge of important events which often benefit from accesable, detailed information, summarized in flyers. Parent Booker allows you to specify a Google Docs URL which links to a document where you can further elaborate upon the specifics of your function.

Background & TB Checks

Ensure the safety and security of parents, teachers, and students. Set up events exclusively for parents who have passed your school's mandated background checks or Tuberculosis tests.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Arrange parent teacher conferences in a way that allows parents to browse through all available slots and sign up with one click.

Service Hour Tracking

Ensure fairness and accountability across the board. Schools offering a fee discount for parents who log hours need an accurate and efficient way to track the total hours served. Parents who opt in for Service Hour Tracking can follow a progress bar that displays their actual hours against their targeted goals. Parent Booker offers enhanced security measures that enable you to either automatically accrue service hours, or wait for approval by a volunteer coordinator after the event.



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